AI making AI

Whether you’re fascinated by thoughts of a future where robots make our lives better or your dystopian visions of a world overrun by mechanical beings keep you up at night, there’s no question that artificial intelligence is here to stay. At the recent annual Google I/O conference the company introduced what may be its most jaw-dropping AI innovation yet, AutoML—a technology that can utilize neural … Настави са читањем AI making AI

The Deep Web

The internet contains at least 4.7 billion websites that have been indexed by search engines, according to one Dutch researcher. That huge number barely scratches the surface of what’s really out there, however. The rest is known as the deep web, which is 400 to 500 times larger than the surface internet, according to some estimates. Most of that is made up of innocent content, … Настави са читањем The Deep Web

„Firehawk“ Raptors

According to Greek legend, Prometheus stole the secret of fire and gave it to humanity, and for that crime, Zeus punished him with a giant eagle who ate his liver every night. Well, it seems like the eagles might have gotten the secret from him after all these years. At least three different birds of prey have been observed setting fires on purpose. Researchers have … Настави са читањем „Firehawk“ Raptors

Disappearing of time

The universe is expanding at an ever-accelerating rate. At least, that’s what the vast majority of scientists would have you believe. But according to a team of Spanish physicists, it may not be the expansion of the universe that’s changing rate, but time itself. Time might be slowing down, and that means that it could eventually stop altogether. To illustrate what José Senovilla at the … Настави са читањем Disappearing of time

A missing piece of the puzzle

Our planet Earth doesn’t have a perfect spherical form, because it actually changes due to the power of gravity. Geoid, or the form of the Earth without its land mass, only with its oceans under the pressure of gravity and rotation, shows us that there is a massive „piece“ of our planet that’s been missing in the Indian ocean. For a long time, scientists are … Настави са читањем A missing piece of the puzzle